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So we (EU) have an ambitious target in front of us to become the first climate- neutral continent. I really hope, it will not be the last continent.

But how shall this be done? Studying the topic I found many different documents and graphics which shall explain to the general public what’s the plan. Here, here, here, or here. All are somehow similar, but not the same :-(. It is quite difficult to follow, at least for those who are not in medias res.

When I explain the priorities of the Green deal I use this (found in some other document):

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Clean Transport
  • Nature & Biodiversity
  • Food & Agriculture​

Around these (or similarly defined) priorities there are being created plenty of legislative acts (ca 80 as of today) and of course there is a lot of money. Most things become easier if money is available.

But where to get it? EU formulated an action plan for financing sustainable growth. As a result of this (among other things) money flows in the EU should be redirected into financing sustainable and climate-supporting business activities. This shall happen on a supranational level (EU funds), private investments (e.g. asset management companies), and last but not least loans from the financial industry.

If successful then a lot of changes will happen in the EU, in the economy, how and on what we work, in the way of how we live and spend, what we eat, what are our living standards, in the climate itself, etc…  Entire industries will decline, some will boom and lots of them will need to change dramatically. And not yet talking about the rest of the world.

Seems that there is a plan, there are ideas, communication strategy and money should be available as well. Is something missing?

In my opinion, there is still to be plenty of companies and individuals to be on-boarded, get aware and active.  Companies will need to adjust their business models, strategies, processes etc. Not only to support The Plan to make it work! Also to survive the changes and adapt to the new life – new era of economy.

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