Training on EU ESG transparency requirements

EU has accelerated its efforts to deliver on its own commitments to become the first carbon-neutral continent. These efforts go primarily via hundreds of legislative changes in many areas. EU uses transparency as the main tool to drive the transformation of the companies to deliver on the overall transformation of EU. We explain to you how to navigate your company in the jungle of EU ESG transparency requirements – what, how, and why needs to be reported. We put the topic into the context of the whole EU strategy agenda 2019-2024.  (we achieve a NPS of 90%+ )

Consultancy on ESG implementation

Whether the company is or is not targeting EU’s financing programs, it will be soon required to prove that the company is doing sustainable business in any case. We help you in setting up company transformation processes as well as sustainability reporting according to latest legislative standards. Our approach follows our values – it is easily-understood, structured and data-driven and can be replicated internally.

Consultancy on green financing and green bond issuance

To reorient the flow of financing to ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ investments is the ultimate goal of EU. There are many options how to tackle those funds. We help you to navigate among available financing options as well as we can help you with the process of green bond issuance according to GBS guidance.